​As brewers we strive to create and serve you the best beer you have ever tasted. The craft of beer is rooted in the science, engineering, and wisdom of generations of past brewers. The art of beer is a momentary experience, a product of the exact moment you find yourself in when you raise the glass to your lips.

Why drink local? We make beer specifically for where you find yourself.
Single Malt Pale Lager

Made with only Copeland 2-Row barley grown and malted in the Verde Valley this is terroir applied to beer. Eminently drinkable yet with subtle nuances lacking in the more homogeneous pale lagers.

5.9% ABV; 38  IBU

Golden Ale

A layered malt profile, aromas of fresh bread and summer afternoons keep this beer rooted in its English heritage.

5% ABV; 46 IBU

Session IPA Series:

V5: Centennial and Chinnok; Aromatic, Malty, and resinous; a classic West Coast IPA in a dainty package.


ABV 3.8% IBU 82

Cascadian IPA (Black IPA)

The juxtaposition of two of the Pacific Northwest’s favorite things: black coffee and a shade too many hops. Dark, bitter, with effervescent citrus and pine.

5% ABV; 90 IBU


Like a macro-lager upside down in a fluorescent margarita, except better and with a delicious dry-hop dose.

5.9% ABV; 20 IBU

Horchata Beer

Hazy, vanilla and cinnamon; a favorite agua fresca now as beer.

6.4% ABV; 17 IBU


A crisp classic American Pale Ale with a funky twist.

5.2% ABV; 88 IBU

Pie Cherry Ale

Juicy and tart with notes of bread crust and caramel. Like Grandma’s cherry pie.

5.8% ABV; 41 IBU


Fluffy, fruity, and refreshing. Be wary though; this is no Hefeweizen, this is a Wholeaweizen.

13% ABV; 80 IBU

Juicy Hazy

Naturally full bodied and translucent with an obnoxious amount of late addition Amarillo hops.

7.1% ABV; 44 IBU

Summer Stout

Easy drinking, roasted and smooth chocolate notes, perfect for sipping in the shade.

5% ABV;  IBU 24


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