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Sedona Beer Company was founded by a local couple passionate about beer and community.

Beer for Here is about more than an awesome patio and a great place to hang out with your friends. It is about making beer that connects you with where you are. All of our base malt is grown and malted right here in the Verde Valley; we believe one of the one of the ways to remain truly Independent Craft is to break out of the macro-beer supply chain, support local businesses, protect our watershed, and use ingredients that the bigger brewers aren't able to.


Our base malt is grown by the Hauser family and malted by Sinagua Malt which is a benefit corporation created to provide a market solution for declining flows in rivers and streams. To learn more about the river and the project from the Nature Conservancy and the Property and Environment Research Center  click here.


With the globalization of our supply chain and the proliferation of technology and information brewers anywhere in the world can craft quality beers that mimic those beers that once made a region unique. However, the great historical innovations of beer have developed from regional constraints that have driven brewers to be creative on their quest make good beer for their local community. We believe it is not only the responsible thing to source as many of our ingredients as locally as we can but by using the unique products of the Verde Valley we are creating beer that while reminiscent of the rigid classic styles represent a local evolution that is entirely specific to where and when you find yourself drinking them.





Sedona Beer Company is a certified Silver Level Sustainable business through the Sustainability Alliance.

Sedona Beer Company utilizes Squarrels instead of traditional barrels to save wood and water. Squarrels use 1/3 the wood of a traditional barrel. Which is the exact amount of wood a barrel needs to provide equivalent micro-oxygenation to a traditional barrel of the same volume.


If you want to learn more about our sustainability initiatives check out our partners:

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